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Hello to all and thanks for your visit!!

This section is for those who are interested and wants to express their experiences for product reviews/ DIYs/ makeup tutorials/ nail art tutorials/ fashion/ beauty/ etc. 
If you love sharing your journeys and experiences, then you are welcomed to this Creative Palace where there are no boundaries to share your views on beauty, fashion, etc. 

HerCreativePalace accepts all articles which includes:

  • DIYs
  • Makeup/ Nail Art picture tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Fashion
  • Basically anything which is in association with beauty, fashion, lifestyle or as you like it!!
What to do???
Well!! You don't have to do much!! Just pen down your thoughts/ experiences/ journeys in an/a article/ document and send it to this email id: kskanikasharma93@gmail.com 

Things to REMEMBER!!
  • Please don't copy paste internet language or content, readers would love to read your own experiences and thoughts.
  • There should be at least 3-5 clear pictures about your article.
  • Send the pictures separately with the article/ document written in word file separately.
  • With your post, there will be a short introduction about you, and if you are a blogger, will link your blog and any 2 social networks of yours with it.
  • As of now, HCP is not paying for any articles.
So what are you waiting for??? Join this creative chain and lots of fun together!!
For any queries, shoot me an email: kskanikasharma93@gmail.com

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