22 December 2014

I said YES to Hair Color!!! Experience at Geetanjali Salon

Hello gorgeous people!! I hope you all doing great!

Well!! I'm just loving this winter season. Though this season is making me lazy but still loving it. And see, I'm so late in publishing this post. LOL!! Apologies!!
Moving further, recently I've been to Geetanjali Salon at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj (Delhi) to pamper myself, actually my hairs. :p

I had won a contest on Heart Bows Makeup which is been hosted by Lisha. We got a selfie!! 

The prize was that I got a chance to color my hair gorgeous with Geetanjali Salon. I shared the picture of my hair color on IG and got requests to share my experience. So here it is. :D

I'm very much scared of hair coloring as my hairs are so dull and light. I always try different products so that I'm able to get beautiful and healthy hairs. Well!! Let's not concentrate on this fact, let's move further with my journey. 

Frankly speaking, I was more excited to meet Lisha than coloring my hair but only to gain some beautiful experience and to pamper myself, I went there. 

On 14th December, Sunday, I had to get the service and I reached there before time, lol!! I'm so punctual, you see. When I reached I couldn't find Lisha around and then got to know that she'll be coming after 5-10 minutes. So I straightly went on to the Salon and contacted Priyanka who was the responsible person for the session. 

The welcome was over whelming and liked the ambiance a lot. Priyanka asked me about the shade I want my hairs to be engraved in. I was very nervous and told them to see if my hairs are in that condition to get hair color? After observing and discussing with the manager, Priyanka asked me if I;ll go for hair spa, hair styling with a hair cut? I quickly agreed and the session started. 

First they shampooed my hairs. Then went on for the hair massage, which is my favorite part. After few minutes, I met Lisha, she is an amazing human being with a heart of gold. We talked for sometime and then she also went for her hair coloring session. We both were enjoying our shares. I'm looking so funny in the image below (during the hair spa session), lol!! 

After I got my hair spa and styling done, Lisha and Priyanka both advised me to try hair chalk for my hairs. Hairs will be colored and won't do any damage to my hairs. So I agreed and again another fun session started!! Yay!!!! 
I chose pink and my hair stylist advised me for a small section of hairs to be colored as it is very much in fashion and will look nice. I agreed and walla!!! Now I'm totally in love with them. On the right image below, the condition of my hairs after the complete session.


Also I get to meet the Sumit Israni, who is an esteemed and famous celebrity hair stylist and the man behind Geetanjali Salons. He is an awesome person and it was pleasure meeting him. Yay!! I got a snap with him too!! 

I really hope you enjoyed reading my hair coloring journey and story. Though I didn't go for proper hair color but the hair chalk but still I got my hairs colored. Yuppiee!!! 
Have you ever experienced hair coloring?? Or any service at Geetanjali Salons??? Do share them with me in the comments below.  

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

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