10 August 2015

The 'Magical' Diva Makeup Artist- PARUL GARG: Review, Makeover, VLOG

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If you are not following me on Instagram then you must follow me here first. And secondly if you are following me on IG then you must be knowing that I went for a makeover few days ago by really a sweet lady ‘Parul Garg’. I shared a picture and many of you wanted to know about this magical makeup artist.

So, I got a message from her and she wanted me to get a makeover. Well! Who doesn't want to be pampered? I quickly said yes and on 30th July, 2015 was the day for me to transform my personality and get a makeover. YAY!!! 
Let me tell you that when I met her, she was so polite and an amazing person to be around. She really made me comfortable. 

After a session of quick chat with her, we started on with the process of getting a makeover. Trust me, her makeup studio is just amazingly pretty, have a look in the pictures below.

I always love smokey eyes effect and she said, "then, let's do it". The session went really well and look how she made me look pretty!! From there and then I call her as 'Magical Parul Makeup Artist'. And after wards again we had a nice chit chat session with a cup of coffee and some cookies. 

I also filmed a VLOG for the day, not seen yet? Then here it is!

She is so good at her work! I wanted you to know her in a more better way, so I decided to ask her some quirky questions. Enjoy them guys!!

Let me start with your life; how you’ll describe your life?                       
I have always been a pampered soul.. first by my parents and now also my husband and his family! So in short God has been kind to me. I have beautiful twins (a boy and a girl) and when I’m not doing makeup I spend most of my time with my husband and kids. I am not a big party person .. at least not now!

From how long you are into this profession? 
I have been doing makeup for as long as I can remember but I took this up professionally only a few years back. Recently I have taken it to the next level and got various certifications like that from TEMPTU for Airbrush expertise etc. My first studio opened in Gurgaon and another branch is opening shortly in Anand Niketan, South Delhi.

You have studied law then how come you landed up in this profession of makeup?
I always liked dressing up and putting makeup, something that my family (both my parents are doctors) would not frown upon but would not endorse either. So even though my heart said otherwise, I decided to become a lawyer (and a good one too I am told by my former colleagues and clients). But ultimately my passion had to take over. With a lot of encouragement from my husband, I decided to change careers and here I am, doing what I was created for!!

You have travelled the world but is there still any dream destination where you’d love to go?
After marriage, for five years we were just traveling and seeing the world..From America to Europe to Africa to Australasia I have been everywhere. But when we decided to go to Brazil, I conceived my twins! So South America, I’m coming sooooooon!!!!

What type of makeup you love the most to experiment with? 
Although I do all kinds of makeup.. from Western looks to Fashion shoots and what not, my first love is Indian looks.. I like to use a bit of tradition and add a pinch of modernity to create perfect harmony. My aim is not just to make my subject look beautiful but she should also feel beautiful!

If I ask you, according to you which is the best makeup look you did so far?
I always believe I am a student and will remain so forever. The moment you stop learning, you starting dying. So my best is yet to come! Rest, you be the judge. I love all makeups and all the beautiful girls I get a chance to work with!

Any of your secret tip(s) you want to share with the world?
I am an open book. Always happy to share anything that I have learnt. I am planning to launch my channel on youtube so I can share my tips and tricks with everyone. In the meanwhile, if anyone has any questions or any tips they would like, just don’t hesitate and call me. 

Find all the details below, in case you want to book her-
Website: http://www.parulgargmakeup.com/
Contact number: 9599588312
Email id: parul@parulgargmakeup.com
Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/parulmakeup

I hope you enjoy reading this 'magical' post. Do share your views in the comments below. 
I'd highly recommend you to try her makeup services because she is just perfect and you can identify from all images above.

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.
Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!
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