16 August 2015

Event: Launch of Californian Burger Chain at Carl's Jr. Restaurant

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If you following me on social platforms, then you would be knowing that on 7th August 2015, I went to attend an event. This was for the launch of Californian Burger Chain Carl's Jr at Carl's Jr. restaurant. It was raining so heavily that day, I thought it just won't be possible for me to reach at the venue. But finally I reached the restaurant and was all set to experience an amazing session filled with yummy foods.
Let me tell you that the restaurant is really spacious and perfect place to hang out with friends or family. I was so happy to receive such a warm welcome by the staff, PR and associated people. Before I could order anything to taste the food, look whom I met at the event; Pallavi from That Desi Girl blog. She is just an amazing person I have met.

After exchanging big hellos and how are yous, I finally ordered something to order. So what I tried at the event? Now the list goes like this:

This was the power pact snack I have ever had. Trust me! The burger was damn yummy and you don't need to spend much of the money as your tummy will be happy after eating this giant yet delicious burger. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

These are regular fries as you find in Mc'D but these are more crispy. And this full plate will surely satisfy your hunger. I already told you that there is no need to spend much.

I've always hated onion pakodas. I just hate them but this snack have totally changed my mind. If you are also don't like eating onion snacks, then give this one a try and you will thanks me for recommending it.

And how can I forget my favorite part of that evening, some yummy cold milkshakes. I love strawberries and vanilla flavors forever. Unfortunately vanilla flavor was not available so I ordered the strawberry milkshake and it is heavenly yummy. I really don't have words to define the milkshake. The ice were crushed so well and the consistency was neither too thick nor thin.



Aloo Achari (top left)
Famous Star With Cheese (top right)
Hand-Breaded Chicken Fillet (bottom left)
Jalapeno Burger With Cheese (bottom right)

Paneer Tikka (top left)
Santa Fe Chicken Fillet With Cheese (top right)
Santa Fe Fenugreek (bottom left)
Super Star With Cheese (bottom right)


Fenugreek Veggie Sticks (top left)
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders (top right)
Mile High Burger (bottom left)
Wasabi Fries (bottom right)

HAND-SCOOPED MILKSHAKES: I wish they had more flavors!

Chocolate (left)
PineColada (top right)
Tiramisu (bottom right)

Also I got this cool press kit after the event and totally adore this cuteness. Thanks to the team! Yuupppiiieee!!!

I'd highly recommend you to go and give this restaurant a try. You get such amazing snacks and drinks here, a perfect place to chill with your family and friends.

WEBSITE: http://www.carlsjr.in/
ADDRESS: Select Citywalk Mall Complex, Southern Park (Back Wing), New Delhi, India- 110017
CONTACT NUMBER: 0124 401 1111
TIMINGS: 11 am - 11 pm (7 days open)

I really hope you enjoyed this foodie post. 
Have you tried any snack or drink from Carl's Jr. Restaurant? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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