11 July 2015

Fabulous Bachelor Party Ideas

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Wedding season has arrived. Bachelor and bachelor parties are one of the most important parts of wedding preparations. The basic rules of all perfect bachelor parties is that they must be one of the kind.  The current bachelor party trends go one step further suggesting unusual yet fabulous destinations and themes. I decided to choose five bachelor party types, which promise to be the highlight of the season.

A glamping weekend: Be different and let a glamping company organize the unforgettable weekend for you and your girls. You have the possibility of choosing various breath-taking destinations in your country for the perfect outdoor weekend. Choose the type of glamping as well. Some of the options are tree houses, tents, yurts or safari tents. Depending on your budget, you can choose glamping that includes all meals, only breakfast or you can prepare your favorite dishes. The last one is, you will agree, the most interesting option. Immerse yourself in nature and forget about your daily worries in activities such as hiking, swimming, kayoing and surfing. 

Yoga bachelor party: Is there any better way to relax before the wedding than a yoga party? I think there isn't. One of the most popular bachelor parties, a yoga party can include an assortment of packages for you and your best friends. Whether you opt for a yoga tea party or a yoga excursion, you are definitely guaranteed quality time with dear people. If you prefer your own destinations for a yoga party, you can schedule a yogi bash in your favorite park, in your backyard and even in your home. If you decide to organize a yoga bachelor party in your home, do not forget light meals, a yoga cake and yoga cards with inspiring words in order to set the yogi mood.

Costume bachelor party: A costume bachelor party is the perfect excuse for spending hours on choosing outfits and make-up. Before you start planning it, make sure the theme of the party is tailored to the future bride. Discover her favorite themes and surprise her. I would like to mention some of the most popular costume bachelor parties to inspire you: the Victorian tea party, the 1980’s party, the Moulin Rouge, pirate- and princess-themed parties. Research on the Internet to find costumes for your theme together with food and decorations. Finally, choose games to make the party truly memorable. 

Bachelor scavenger hunt: For gregarious brides who love surprises, a bachelor scavenger hunt is a must. The first thing you need to do is to choose a location of the party since it directly influences the list of items. In order to spring a complete surprise, make a check list individually not in a group. Print out interesting custom party check lists. You can also order scavenger hunt T-shirts. You can print a check list on the back and leave the front part of the shirt for signatures and advice. Not only will it be fun, but brides and her friends will have something to remember the party by. Focus your list on the bachelor and her personality. To fire your imagination, you can find various versions of the scavenger hunt parties on-line. 

Bachelor cooking class: The bride and her best friends are passionate food lovers? Organize a cooking class. Research about bachelor party programmes in your local town. You can opt for a demonstration program or a full participation cooking class in which case bride and her guests prepare a lunch or dinner and expert instructors teach them techniques necessary to make a dish. Prepare personalized aprons, chef jackets and chef hats. Make sure you have all these garments specifically made for the bride to stand out. You can organize this party at a cooking school or you can plan an in-home bachelor cooking class party. 

To conclude, no matter what type of party you choose, I am sure it will be a bash to remember.

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