31 March 2015

Mid-segment watch brands in India

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We want to rule time as per our need, but is there a way we can achieve this task? Yes, by wearing a stylish watch. In today's 21st century, not only men but women have also gained interest in branded watches. India has came positively upwards when we talk about Indian watch brands and there are numerous of elite watches emerging day by day.

In this post, I'll share some of the mid-segment Indian watch brands and their elite watches and are doing their business pretty well, you know. I'm sure if you are a watch lover and that too branded, then this post will surely interest you. So, let's get started one by one.

In the list, I jotted down 7 of the Indian brands where I'll talking about their elite watches. Let us discuss them one by one.

TITAN: Titan is one of the brands which I remember as a kid and when I look at their priceless beauties, it just makes me wanna buy those. Titan brought about a paradigm shift in Indian market and has been showcased in both international market and style. Titan is the 5th largest watch brand, sounds amazing.

CITIZEN: For almost 8 decades, Citizen has been ahead of its time. The brand has always stood for innovations and high precision that make life better for everyday people. It has changed the style for all of us and doing a great job where they surround the customers with their beauties.

FASTRACK: Fastrack is the brand which has always been popular in the youth of India. They have some cool looking watches which are amazing to look at. Youth of India is not only attracted to Fastrack watches but almost all the stuff they have or introduced till now.

TIMEX: If you want some intelligent looking stuff, then this brand is for you. They have intelligent beauties in their collection for both men and women and are super lavish to look at. I can say that they do their marketing thing very creatively which helps them to fetch more customers.
TISSOT: 'Innovators by Tradition' is their tag line and they portray it very well through their watches. By mentioning the word 'Tradition', they are done with 50% of their job. We Indians always want to grab those things which portrays their culture. They are able to set some new style standards in the Indian watch industry.

EMPORIO ARMANI: Everybody knows it very well that this brand is not only made for watches but when they are into it, it has not disappointed any of us. It has showcased some amazing watches which looks gorgeous, elegant and at the same time sexy and hot.

MAXIMA: I think Maxima is that watch brand which is available in every part of the country. Good quality has always been their vision and they tried to portray the same in the eyes of their consumers, so they did it. Consumers mind has accepted this brand in a massive manner and the trust is intact till date.

So, if you are a watch lover and too branded ones, then think about mid-segment watch brands in India with elite watches designs and show the world you are the true style icon.

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