29 March 2015

DESI ROOTS Bloggers Meet- Celebration is our second name: Review, event pictures

Hey everyone! I hope you all doing great and thanks for your visit.
It seems like food posts are showering on my blog these days, lol. And today again I’m back with another foodie blog post.

On 18th March, 2015, I attended an event at Desi Roots and got a chance to taste some delicious dishes there. Desi Roots, an Indian interpretation of an all day modern Cafe & Bar is an endeavor to offer its patrons an unprecedented culinary voyage, capturing the grandeur and essence of desi/colloquial customs and the long-lost tradition of the many regional kitchens across the length and breadth of our nation.

Desi Roots has a good mix of Absolute Desi/Indian elements married with a host of retro and modern ones that truly complement each other. Moreover, it is a confluence of food, decor and idioms that culminates into a unique ‘jugaad’ ideology.

As soon as I entered Desi Roots, the ambiance was so ‘desi’ and totally loved it. Have a look at some the clicks.

Further, I was been welcomed by the owner of Desi Roots, Mr. Amandeep Singh. In his words, “Desi Roots is one of its kind modern cafĂ© and bar with its core thought of creating a format that gives the COOL tag to an Indian eatery. It came from an idea to create a dining experience, which is not limited just by the food it serves but becomes a space where cultures, languages, ideas and passions and various sensibilities of youth come together. It is a place where both mind and palate have a chance to rejoice and experience the true Indian spirit, in ways never imagined before.”

Then as per the menu, I started on with the tasting thing and for the drink, I ordered Rosso Merry Orange. It tasted nice and was refreshing.

Followed by the welcome drink, I got to taste Amuse Bouche “Golu Vada”. Just look at it (image below) , how cute it is in this tiny jar. I totally loved the presentation.

In the starter section I could find only one vegetarian dish and I had to order that. It was Zimmikand Galawati Pate. I’m really not a fan of this particular vegetable so kind of didn't liked it but the pranthas were delicious. The way they were presented was amazing.

Then for the salad, I ordered Warm Samosa Deconstruct. I was impressed with the name and wanted to see the presentation. ‘Deconstruct’ is very well used and executed, well you can have a look at it.

And finally, the main course, in which I ordered ‘Dal subzi ghar di diwali Amritsar di’. You liked the name? Lol!! Its big and same was the taste, delicious.

For the deserts, we the bloggers decided to order one each mentioned in the menu. So we ordered both, ‘Jamaluddin ki kheer’ and ‘Badam halva with Shrikhand’. I couldn't get the exact taste of ‘kheer’ as it was really not a ‘kheer’. But ‘badam halwa’ was really delicious so I didn't gave any attention to ‘kheer’ which is nearly tasteless.

I clicked one drink & some of the non-vegetarian dishes too, so you can have a look at them too.
  • Desi Champagne
  • Chipotle Chicken Tikka
  • Kasundhi Fish Tikka
  • Sweety 'Saag Chicken' from a friend Sweety Singh
  • Ambala Cantt. Ki Mutton Curry

Overall, the experience been well and its pure a desi food palace where you’ll get delicious food. I’m very much impressed with their presentation, I mean like your food is coming to you in a truck, just ‘Sunny Deol style’, and chicken being served inside a press, these were interesting to look at first sight. Also they gave me a lock and key to write a message, I found this gesture really sweet. And here, I locked my message! 

  • Location: G 16, 17, 30, 31 Ground floor, Salcon Rasvilas, Near Select City Walk Mall, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi
  • Price (average meal for 2): Rs. 1200/- plus taces (without alcohol)
  • Timings: 11:00am to midnight 
  • Contact: 11-41614008, 011-41614010
Do let me know your views in the comments below. Have you tasted any cuisine/ dish in Desi Roots?
As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

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