5 February 2015

EVENT: PITA PIT- Treat for Healthy Eaters in India

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In India, we could see now how people are eating everything which seems to be healthy and hygienic. I'm really not a fan of fast food and stuff but when it comes to your health, I think twice and if that interests me, why won't I say yes to it? And recently I discovered one healthy corner where I can enjoy my meals without any hesitation and worries.

On 29th January, 2015, I was being invited to an event: Opening of Pita Pit Lounge at Greater Kailash. As soon as I entered the lounge, my first reaction was, "SPACIOUS". It is really a spacious lounge where you can organize a fun get together with your friends. Let's move on with further details.

The Pita Pit Lounge is the company’s flagship store in a cafe style format. It draws itself from a QSR and a cafe with its interiors, menu, selection of books to read, free Wi-Fi offering the customers a place to take a breather from their hectic schedule. The Lounge, with their range of sandwiches and salads common across outlets, also features pita toasties and new desserts on the menu. They also have a host of freshly squeezed juices, organic green teas and coffees on offer.

Anun Dhawan, Director Mentor Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. says, “Considering the canvas here is much larger, we have sampled with innovative materials and classical themes to give the place a lounge cum cafĂ© effect. The fresh thinking reflects in the design as much as it does in the food Pita Pit serves.” What makes this restaurant unique is that we have aimed to create a special space for customer engagement – through conducting workshops, speak-easy events etc.” 

I tasted the Pita made with potatoes, veggies, sauces and full of healthiness in it. I really liked the taste and to accompany with my Pita, I chose for a cold coffee to go with the wrap. One thing is for sure that once you enter this healthy world, you'll not go anywhere else. It is true that there is competition for every possible thing in the world but then, when it is offering you meals loaded with healthiness and hygienic, you'll surely not think twice. 

Your Pita will be made in front of you in a fresh mode and you can select the veggies from the counter to be filled in your snack. Further, you can enjoy amazing appetizers and deserts to go well with your snack/ Pita. The services were impressive with the staff and Mr. Anun Dhawan. We had a small interaction and there was a positive feeling that Pita Pit will reach to great heights and success.

And what is more exciting about Pita Pit Lounge is, you can customize your meals according to your taste. I'd highly recommend you to visit this amazing lounge and enjoy yummy meals with your family and friends.
And now, as Valentine's Day is around the corner, you can visit the lounge and spend leisure time with your Valentine.  

PITA PIT LOUNGE DETAILS: Prices, Address, Timings
  • Location: Pita Pit Lounge, M18, Greater Kailash, Part I, New Delhi (First Floor)
  • Meal for two: INR 500/- +taxes
  • Restaurant timing: 11:00am to 12:00pm

Do tell me your views in the comments below. Have you tasted any snack in the Pita Pit stores?   


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