4 December 2014

Today's Nail Art: Fruity Fimos Nail Art: Video Tutorial

Hey everyone! I hope you all doing great.

Today this nail art post is full of fruits. YES!!! Today's nail art design is a fruity one. I'm late in posting this post as summers are gone, but still it's little hot. No matter, let's move on.

Let's have a look at the nail art design first.

For this design, I used different fruit fimos with 3 acrylic paints. 
And for this design, I have not used any nail polishes, except glitter polish, lol.!! And to make it glamorous, I also placed some rhinestones too. 

  • Base coat
  • 3 acrylic paints (I used green, blue and yellow)
  • Makeup sponge (used to apply acrylic paints)
  • Flat nail art brush (to add the paints on sponge)
  • Glitter nail polish
  • Marbling nail art brush (to place the fimos)
  • Fruit fimos
  • Rhinestones (1 or 2mm)
  • Container filled with water 
  • Top coat

I really hope you enjoyed this video tutorial. :D Thumbs up if you liked it and share it with your friends on social networks. ^_^

If you decide to try out any of my nail art designs, do share your recreations with me on social networks using #kannucreative (others) or #kannu_creative (instagram) or creative_kannu (on twitter), I would love to see your recreations. ^_^ :*

Some pictures of the finished look.

Do share your views on this nail art design in the comment section below. :D ^_^

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.

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Disclaimer: I purchased all the items used in this nail art design using my own money.

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