12 February 2014

Neon Mustaches Nail Art: Tutorial

Hello everyone.
Hope you all doing great!

I know again I am late in posting another blog post. Actually I was busy with my cousin sister's marriage and finally I am free.

So today again, I will be sharing another fun nail art design with all of you and I really hope you all would like it.

Before sharing the video and picture tutorials with you, let me show you the finished look of the nail art design first. Here we go!

Well! As far as this design is concerned, again it is very easy to create by just following some simple steps. For this design I have used diamond studded cute mustaches from BornPrettyStore. The site has huge variety of nail art stuff and make up stuff and that too at affordable prices. If you wish to try out these cute mustaches, you can buy them HERE.

About the decoration: These are super cute and adorable. You don't have to struggle a lot if using these decorations. These are easy to use with both short and long nails. If you stick these with just top coat, it won't last for long, so I would advice you to use a nail glue to stick these kinds of 3D decorations and last for long on your nails.
I kept this nail art design on my nails for 15 days and still it was fresh.
PS: Being honest!
Price: $2.84 (currently)

These are the cute mustaches as you can see in the image above. 
Also you can use this 10% off site wide on your entire order. The best thing is this coupon code never expires. :D

And now lets jump to the video tutorial without wasting any time. ^_^

I really hope you enjoyed the video. And it is really very easy to decorate your nails within five minutes. Yay!

Now its time for the picture tutorial. And I am sure you going to find this easy. Lets start!

  • Apply your base coat and 2 thin coats of white polish.
  • Grab your acrylic paints in red, yellow and green.
  • Take a makeup sponge and start off with sponging red paint from the cuticles.
  • Then repeat the third step with yellow and green paints.
  • Clean the sides of the nails using water and flat brush.
  • Apply a coat of glitter polish.
  • Apply some glue and place the mustache in the center of your middle finger and thumb.
  • Apply your top coat.
  • Now nails are done!

So that was the end of the pictorial! If you try out this design on your nails, do share your re-creations with me on social networks using #kannucreative / #kannu_creative or #creative_kannu.

Some pictures of the finished look. :D

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day and keep smiling. :) You look pretty and cute with a smile. :D

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