17 February 2014

How to do French Manicure: 2 Methods

Hello everyone!
Hope you all doing great!

I have been very busy with my studies these days and now I am not doing well with my health. That is the reason I am unable to write reviews about the products and the chain of products is getting longer. :p I will write about them as soon as possible and I promise this week I will review one of the products lined up for me in the list. :D

So today again I will be sharing a video with all of you in this post.

Today's post will be about how to do a perfect french manicure on your nails.
As a beginner, it is really hard to get a perfect french manicure. In the beginning of my nail art journey, even I struggled like hell to do a perfect french manicure but always failed. :(
But with practice, I finally did it and now I am able to get a nice french manicure on my finger tips.

In the above image, you can see that with practice, you can achieve to do such manicures very easily. 
As a beginner for the nail art world, it is very much important for you to learn the basic things like how to apply nail polish, how to do french manicure, etc. In my previous posts, I shared with you how to apply nail polish, you can read it HERE.

And now lets jump to the video tutorial. (y) :D

Some more pictures of the french manicure. :D

I really hope you enjoyed the video. :)

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day and keep smiling.

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