30 January 2014


Hello everyone.
Hope you all doing great!!

I am here again to share an elegant and easy nail art design and tutorial with all of you. And this time it is a Valentine's Day nail art design. Yes! The season of love is about to arrive so I made 2-4 Valentine's Day nail art design. I already wrote about my first nail art design which was in collaboration with one of my youtube friend. If you wish to read and want to try out that nail art design on your nails, then you can visit that blog post HERE.

So now, I will demonstrate you all about this super easy and elegant nail art design. Lets have a look to the finished design first. Here we go. ^_^

Ahh.. Yes! I had cut my nails a bit short to make nail art designs for short nails and also cute designs as well. As a beginner, even as a lover, heheheh, this nail art design is appropriate for you this Valentine's Day. Just following few steps, you will be able to achieve this nail art design on your finger tips. And hurray! :D

So without wasting any more time further, I would like to share the video tutorial. So, here it is. Enjoy!:D

I really hope you must have enjoyed this video tutorial.

And now we will jump on to the pictorial. :D Lets start..!!

  • Apply your base coat first.
  • Apply the french tip guides on your nails to get perfect french manicure.
  • Now using blue paint, make the french manicure and remove the tip guides.
  • With the help of a dotting tool, make a heart in red color on the left side of your french manicure.
  • Outline the french manicure with white tiny dots.
  • Apply your top coat.
  • Nails are done! Wallah..!! :D

And now some pictures of the finished design. :D

I really hope you enjoyed this pictorial and is helpful for you in case you want to try out this nail art design. If you try out this nail art design, I would love to see your recreations. Do share them with me on social networks using #kannucreative / #kannu_creative / #creative_kannu.

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I really you liked and enjoyed it. Have a nice day and keep smiling, you look more pretty with a cute smile on your face.

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